Who We Are

Our Mission

Restoring Lives Impacted by Trauma

Our Vision:

Breaking the Cycle of Abuse and Building Resilient Families

Our Purpose:

Our purpose is to empower those impacted by trauma by providing a safe place to receive comprehensive services through a coordinated team approach from dedicated trauma-informed professionals.

Our Core Values:

Integral to how we operate, our values are driven by a deep commitment to our mission and the children and families we serve. They define everything about who we are and what we do:

Excellence (Our Motivation)

  • Our children and families deserve our best

  • Our community deserves our best

  • We do our best for the right reasons everyday

Trauma knows no boundary – nor does our unyielding desire to serve families to the absolute best of our ability. Excellence ≠ perfection – sometimes we fail when we are passionately trying, and we can fail in an excellent way. We value integrity and being accountable to our families, our MDT, our community and each other because all matter.

Humble Service (Our Heart)

  • Child and Family First

  • It is not about us

  • “I see you. I hear you. You matter.”

Authentically serving others is our passion and we are dedicated to putting others before ourselves. All our roles have limitations; therefore teamwork is critical to creating a safe place for children and families where vulnerability thrives and shame has no place. We help all reach their potential by meeting them where they are at. Restored lives and a safer community is possible because we are dedicated to working together.

Grit (Our Spirit)

  • Sisu: extraordinary determination in the face of extreme adversity

  • Bold tenacity in all we do

  • Relentless courage in the service of others

We strive to courageously take action against all odds. The journey out of crisis and trauma can be long and difficult, but our passion for those we serve endures far beyond the lengths trauma can travel. Pain may come and go, but we are steadfast and unwavering in our mission.

Growth (Our Goal)

  • Never settle for substandard

  • Constant evolution for best practice

  • Innovative in every pursuit

Never will you hear us say “that’s just the way we’ve always done it.” If it’s not working, we change it. If it’s broken, we fix it. New is fun – and our joy comes from serving others in innovative, creative and authentic ways. Trauma is complex and we strive to stay one step ahead and constantly adapt to an ever-evolving field.

Our History

For over 20 years, two organizations have shared property on a 70-acre piece of land in Little Flock, AR. On June 4, 1989, the Restoration Village was founded to provide long-term housing for women and children. Through serving those families, the need to provide a safe place for children experiencing abuse was revealed. Thus, the Children’s Advocacy Center of Benton County was started onJanuary 10, 2000. The heart of both of these organizations was to help children and families thrive in the midst of trauma and crisis. In 2023, the organizations merged to create the Children & Family Advocacy Center to make One Team. One Mission. One Voice.

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