Direct Services

Our direct service programming is broken down into two components: 

  • Acute Services: serving children who have experienced abuse or neglect. These services include advocacy for the child and non-offending family members, a forensic interview with a child-first trained interviewer, mental health counseling and ongoing support.
  • Restorative Services: serving women in crisis, and their children, who are in need of long-term shelter combined with a restorative approach to healing which includes case management, advocacy and mental health support.


Our education team works with children and adults across Northwest Arkansas to teach the importance of body safety and prevention, recognizing and responding to signs of abuse or neglect, and learning how to help those experiencing trauma or crisis.


We strive to empower those impacted by trauma by providing a safe place to receive comprehensive services through a coordinated team approach from dedicated trauma-informed professionals. To see the impact our services are making in the community, please take a few moments to view our impact reports and previous newsletters.

Safety Exit