Programs and Services

Police office putting pinwheels in the ground behind a sigh stating "919 Children Served in 2023 at the Children & Family Advocacy Center"

Trauma is Complex

At the Children & Family Advocacy Center our goal is to ensure that every family has the opportunity to be set up for lifelong restoration.

Our comprehensive approach includes a variety of services to provide healing across a lifespan through individualized care.

No matter the crisis, we strive to meet clients where they are on their personal journey to healing.

The Children & Family Advocacy Center - 2023 impact made through our programs and services


Every child, and any non-offending family members, seen at our center for child maltreatment will work directly with an advocate. Advocates offer a network of assistance through our community agencies.

919 Children Served

Forensic Interviewing

Acute service clients will have the opportunity to sit with a forensic interviewer who is trained to gather information in a developmentally appropriate, non-leading, and non-suggestible manner. This is done utilizing a multidisciplinary team approach to minimize trauma and the number of times the victim must tell their story.

783 Interviews Provided

Mental Health

Clients of our center, non-offending family members, and those in our residential programming are given the opportunity to receive counseling, both individual and group, to alleviate trauma symptoms and promote lifelong healing.

1,483 Sessions

Residential Housing

To restore hope and dignity, we offer residential housing for women, and their children. Additionally, we provide life-changing services, including therapy, advocacy, and mentor programming.

27 Women and their Children Housed


Sexual Assault Nurse Examinations (SANE) are available for alleged victims that meet certain criteria for the purpose of cultivating healing and offering reassurance. These are conducted by a registered nurse who is SANE certified and occur on site without having to refer the child and their family to a local hospital or physician clinic.

96 Medical Examss

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