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Do you suspect a child is being abused and/or need resources?

Are you are seeking long-term shelter and/or need resources?

The CFAC Way

At the Children & Family Advocacy Center we provide essential services to those experiencing trauma and crisis in Benton County, Arkansas and beyond. Our staff and multi-disciplinary team members use their expert knowledge to provide a holistic approach to healing. Together, we are impacting children and families to break the cycle of abuse and build resilient families. Our on-site services include child-maltreatment services and long-term housing (shelter) for women in crisis and their children. 

These two different, yet equally critical, service paths are represented by our long-standing symbol of the pinwheel. For those affected by trauma, every pinwheel is a story of resilience. Through long-standing essential services, we provide the resources needed for children and families in our community. By breaking the cycle of abuse, we make a lasting generational impact. 

Our vision to break the cycle of abuse would not be possible without a response from our community members. If you suspect child abuse or are in need of long-term shelter, please use the links above.

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