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Do you suspect a child is being abused and/or need resources?

Are you are seeking long-term shelter and/or need resources?

The CFAC Way

At the Children & Family Advocacy Center we strive to provide essential services to those experiencing trauma and crisis in Benton County, Arkansas and beyond. Experts in their respective fields, our staff and multi-disciplinary team members work together to provide a holistic approach to healing. Together, we are impacting children and families to break the cycle of abuse and build resiliency.

We achieve our impact through two distinct, yet equally critical, service paths: child maltreatment services and long-term restorative services including residential housing for women and children. 

Our vision to break the cycle of abuse would not be possible without awareness from our community members. If you suspect child maltreatment or are in need of long-term shelter, please use the links above.

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