Internship Opportunities

Learn from the Best of Northwest Arkansas

We currently offer internships in the following areas:

Direct Services

    • Conduct intake/needs assessment, gather demographic information during CFAC appt
    • Facilitate play and arts and crafts activities with children in the waiting areas 
    • Assist in making referrals to meet the family’s needs
    • Students will begin to develop their own personal client interaction style and ability 
    • Opportunities to work directly with clients in our residential programming

Business Development

    • Assist our Events Coordinator as needed with any needs for our signature events
    • Coordinate with our Donor Relations Officer on the annual Christmas Program (Fall)
    • Collaborate on internal Excel files and utilization of the organization’s CRM software
    • Works cross-functionally with other departments as required
    • Reports directly to the Development Coordinator

Digital Engagement

    • Creates content across various social media platforms based on the Content Calendar 
    • Collaborates with staff on video messaging and photographic needs 
    • Analyzes metrics to gauge the success of campaigns. 
    • Engages with customers or clients and provides service and/or sales. 
    • Reviews and reports on current social media trends to the Marketing Specialist 


Safety Exit