Gifts With Impact

For many of our families, the holidays can be a stressful season as they find ways to cope with their trauma and deal with unexpected expenses and bills. At the Children & Family Advocacy center we work with sponsors and donors like you to provide gifts for our families in need.  

Sponsor a Child and/or Family This Season

Personally shop for your child and/or family using their hand-written wish list items. We recommend spending $200 on each child. All gifts must be new: we cannot accept used items. Thank you for creating a magical holiday for those in need.

CFAC staff shopping for children and families
Shop or Sponsor a Family Opportunities Coming Soon

Give a financial gift to the Children & Family Advocacy Center. With funds raised staff members will shop for a child and/or family in your honor. All donations are tax deductible. Thank you for bringing joy to one of our families this season.

Empowerment Elves: Volunteer

We’re looking for a few empowerment elves to help us wrap, organize, and distribute gifts to our families! 

Volunteer opportunities will be available in early fall! Follow @cfacbentoncounty on Facebook and Instagram for updates.

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